Emmanuel Barbaut

Game Designer

Video game differs from other arts by this space of freedom left to its audience through the gameplay, which allows the player to become an actor and participate in the creation of the experience.

Interactive media and especially video games are a great passion for me. I am fascinated by the creation of the video game work as a whole, by the design of a universe with its script and its aesthetics (graphic and sound) as well as the realization of the gameplay.

I would like to explore ways to increase the interactivity of the game, through original or emergent gameplays, leading the player to the rank of co-creator. I also think that advances in artificial intelligence will soon allow the emergence of scriptwriting thus greatly increasing interactivity. In this way, the player will get even more involved and the universe of the game will adapt to his own psyche and emotion.

Thus I aim to become Game Designer and present you in this portfolio my different artistic creations made during the last years. Among the different fields presented in this portfolio, only the video game creation is for me a goal. Thus, the knowledge of the different video game jobs seems important to me because it allows to understand the different steps and to have an overview on the creation of a video game. Also, it allows me to be multifunctional within a small team.